🏡 Proud daughter of Vietnamese refugees, child of the diaspora

📍 San Jose, California

🎓 B.A in Historical Methods and Analysis

Welcome! I'm an early-career producer & journalist who's worked with NPR member stations, video production companies, and startup design labs.

I'm constantly searching for stories which can help us better understand how a more equitable, inclusive, and beautiful world might be possible.

My search (my work!) is rooted in an ethos of listening deeply to others, sifting through stories to find the common human thread, not only better understand the complex story of us, but also to unearth humane solutions to complex problems. I’ve spent the past five years globe-trotting with that same ethos, which has led me from UX work in Tokyo to nimble documentary filmmaking in Hyderabad.

I hope to always follow this curiosity, such that, one day, I might live my way into that world.

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